About You're History

Youíre History started from a love of the past in the spring of 2009. As kids, the stories of kings, queens, knights and warriors laid the foundations for a life interest in everything ancient. Cut to our adult lives and the three of us are still fascinated by history. The idea of filling the historical t-shirt void came pretty quickly after a visit to a castle and its incredibly disappointing gift shop. History doesnít get the same recognition in fashion as pop culture does, yet we believe the past is infinitely cooler.

It wasnít hard deciding to start this brand, but it was hard choosing between the hundreds of heroes for our first line of signature characters. We were dedicated to making sure our designs were fitting tributes to our historical heroes (and villains). Balancing the light with the dark, we hoped our designs would be something even our characters would have approved of. From all of this, our legends line was born.

As we began to plan for our next release, it wasn't long before we had so many ideas that we knew we had to think beyond our historical characters. The Empire of Death was born from our research and subsequent fascination with the imagery of death and the representations of mortality throughout the ages. Death is such as strong theme in so many cultures and time periods, and we were keen to make a line that reflected this preoccupation with mortality. We want to build an empire through a love of history. We want to build an Empire of Death.

This isn't as morbid as it sounds. It's an appreciation of the deceased, just like Dia de Los Muertos in Mexico. It's a celebration of all people, places and events from the past. They've carved the present, so why not? While itís fashionable to wear skulls, if you're going to look slick, why not do it with meaning? With each design of ours comes a story, some that are hundreds, even thousands of years old. It's more than a tshirt design or a fashion accessory; itís a talking point.

So with that said, we welcome you to the empire of death. Our shirts are designed, printed and made with our passion for the past. Join a force of people that span the globe who can appreciate the people who sculpted the present with their actions in the past. Then go out and sculpt your own.

They were history. We are all history. You're History.

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