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  • Secret Societies of the Empire - Knights of the Golden Circle

    I think anything with Knights in the title pretty much captures my attention. Even Knight Rider.

    Knights of the Golden Circle was a secret society formed in the US during the Civil War. Most of its members came from the southwest, and the group was particularly popular in Texas. Its founder, George W.L. Bickley, created the first local branch of the society known as a ‘castle’ in 1854.

  • Secret Societies of the Empire - The Order of the Dragon

    The Order of the Dragon...I hadn’t heard about this until we were looking into Vlad the Impaler (nice guy, did a lot of impaling as the name might suggest). The Order of the Dragon was first created in Hungary in around 1408 by the King of Hungary, Sigismund, and his queen, Barbara of Celje.

  • Secret Societies of the Empire - Skull and Bones

    In the planning stages for "The Empire of Death" we did a lot of research into secret societies, cults and mysterious orders. So over the next few blogs we'll dip a little into the stuff that inspired the way our own cult "The Empire of Death" has developed.

  • The Cult of Original Sin

    Last Friday we dressed to impress and left the familiarity of the You’re History lodge, venturing 158 (approx) miles to the North West to Cardiff to celebrate the launch of Godmachine and Co’s “Cult of Original sin” clothing line...


  • The Last Tuesday Society

    We're very fond of The Last Tuesday Society. They are, in their own words "Devoted to exploring and furthering the esoteric, literary and artistic aspects of life in London and beyond." Taken from an 1870s movement in Harvard they seem to be have been resurrected on our fair shores and are now being run by Mr Viktor Wynd and associates. They do some awesome lectures and social events. But the parties are the main talking point.

    TLTS throw some stunning parties, we've been to the Danse Macabre and the New Years Eve Eve Ball this year. They were both the awesome mix of decadent and macabre, in a most perfect setting. Dimly lit rooms with long banquet tables filled with peacock feathers and gold naked bodies writhing around, candy floss and pocorn, chocolate fountains and giant beds, orchestras and drag queens, TLTS throw a little carnival inside the tunnels of London Bridge and it has to be seen to be believed.

    I definetely recommend checking out the Societys works. The 3 of us are all fond of things dark, and the Little Shop of Horrors in Hackney run by the owner of The Last Tuesday Society has plenty of skulls and taxidermy to keep anyone with an interest in the strange entertained for hours.

    Check out the society here:

  • Back From The Dead!

    Hello Friends,

    We're back and hitting the historical world hard! A lot has changed since we decided to revamp this website and we are more set on domination than ever! Our new site is courtesy of the amazingly talented The Black Axe, plus we have welcomed the wizard Christopher Lovell to our You're History family. His mindblowing artwork is adorning our newest legend shirts.

    In even larger news we have a new line called "The Empire of Death" and it's awesome. Chris did the first shirts for these too, read about the theme behind it or go to the shop and check it out. Did we also mention we've got a new crew neck for those winter days?

    The last christmas postal dates for International Delivery have unfortunately passed, but for those of you in the UK, order by 21st of December to ensure you get your You're History stuff by Christmas Day!

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