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  • Southsea Castle

    Southsea.  Good pubs, good shops, a dodgy rollercoaster...lots of creative people. Photography, music, design...there’s some seriously good stuff happening.  

    It’s also the home of a few historical beauties, including one of our favourite monarch’s (Henry VIII) flagship castle, Southsea Castle.  Admittedly, it doesn’t look overly impressive from the outside, but it’s definitely worth checking out. Not many turrets, but there is a lighthouse.

  • Warblington Castle

    We’re lucky to have a lot of history right on our doorstep. Talk about convenient. Warblington is a small suburb of a local town just a couple of minutes from us. Its most impressive landmark is a large solitary tower which stands out in the fields which surround it.

    Although commonly referred to as ‘Warblington Castle’ , it was actually a large fortified manor house, which was thought to have a moat, a chapel and an armoury (so not exactly your standard house).

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