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  • A word from the Deathly Gentleman

    Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

    You're History will be taking part in the London Edge trade show on September 4-6th in the big smoke of Londonium, the capital city of our green and pleasant land.

    For those of you who have enquired about trade in the past, this is the perfect opportunity to come and see our wares with your own two eyes. Plus you have the luxury of meeting our fine selves! So come down and converse about life, fine literature, food, history, art..... Anything your heart desires really, all with with the lure of fine alcoholic spirits at the bar not metres from our exhibit.

    If you would like to discuss trade possibilites beforehand however, write us an email and send it to:

    We have a new line which we will be displaying for the very first time at Edge. We've kept it all secret, like a mysteriously beautiful woman at a masked party. We haven't given anything away, not even a bit of ankle. Wait for the unveiling at Edge, she'll be worth the wait. 

    Until then my friends, be exquisite.

    The Deathly Gentleman

  • The Victorian Thames

    The Thames flows through the heart of London. During the Victorian era it was an essential part of day-to-day life, providing water for everything – from drinking to cooking to bathing. But it was also disgustingly polluted. And for many thousands, it proved somewhat deadly.

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